Hey there, (burned-out) Etsy seller... 

I see you. 

You’re hustling like crazy but this SEO thing, man, it’s kicking your butt!  

Here’s a (non-exhaustive) list of what you’ve tried so far:  

  • Googled approximately 1 bajillion SEO tutorials (and subsequently realized over half of them were written back in 2011...*facepalm*)  
  • Began using the keyword research tools the “pros” recommend (although no one seems to explain how to actually USE the research you get, let alone interpret it!)  
  • “Stalked the competition” and left even MORE confused than when you started (how do shops with LOUSY SEO rank so dang high?!)  
  • And...spent an (embarrassing) amount of time down the Etsy forum rabbit hole trying to glean a little SEO wisdom and coming up with only conspiracy theories (will you ever get those 4 hours of your life back?!)  

It's tough sledding out there for an SEO newbie.

(not to mention all the research is boring you to tears)

And on the flip side, maybe you DO feel like you've finally wrapped your head around it all, but when you go to implement it?...

...you’re still left with questions galore:  

  • How do I actually pick the best keywords to use from the ones I’ve researched? And what the heck constitutes "best" anyways!?  
  • How am I supposed to come up with dozens of new keywords for each listing...when they're all basically the exact same product?  
  • And for the love of all that is holy, how the heck am I supposed to formulate a title that not only a) sounds conversational (what does that even mean?!?) and b) also includes my keywords (but of course, not too frequently?!)


Um, yeah. Lots and lots of questions. 

(not unlike that Algebra class you took in high school where the class + homework never seemed to be from the same book, let alone the same chapter *facepalm*)  

Dang it, you’re trying SO hard to make this SEO thing work-- why can’t your stats get on board?! 

Believe me when I say: You’re not alone. (not particularly helpful, but maybe a little comforting?)  

Now I want you to take a minute and imagine what it would be like to…

...sit down to work on your biz...and NOT have to click on the “Marmalead” tab for the third time that week.  

...realize that Etsy is actually doing it’s job and sending you the traffic your shop deserves...without you having to lift a finger!  

...finally get back to actually ENJOYING your Etsy shop-- not resenting the crap out of it (#beenthere)

#livingthedream, right?!

I've got some good news for you: It's not only possible to get to that point...

It's actually easier than you think.  

But to make that happen, I’m going to ask you to do ONE simple (ha!) thing for me:  

Let go of everything you’ve ever researched on SEO:  

Yes, that includes letting go of that random Etsy admin comment about SEO that you’ve been quoting since 2016 (even though no one can find where it was originally posted).  

Yes, that includes writing off all the 4,539,051 other (usually conflicting) pieces of SEO advice you’ve gotten from various Etsy coaches over the years.

And yes, that DEFINITELY includes ditching all those “Etsy conspiracy theories” found in high-demand on the Etsy forums (seriously-- we don't have room for them here).  

(hey--I'm not kidding about the conspiricy theory one)  

Yep, I'm asking you to unpack all the SEO baggage you've been carrying around and throw it off a freakin' cliff.  

Instead, let me introduce you to your brand spankin' NEW secret weapon for ultimate SEO mastery:

Simplify Your SEO

The laser-focused strategy you need to go from 0 → SEO HERO in just 14 days (seriously).​

(and just look at that pretty spreadsheet!)

"Focusing JUST on SEO from Morgan, I have increased my sales, my views are up over 120%, and I am growing every single day!"

-Dawn Thebarge Hill

"I am so glad I found Morgan! Her courses are amazing and you get to keep them for life--plus updates! This has allowed me to work slower when I need to, but still see my efforts pay off!

-Malissa Legg

Let's take a sneak-peek at the curriculum framework...

Lessons include...

  • The exact factors that go into determining the SEO algorithm in 2020
  • An in-depth breakdown of the 3 types of keywords you'll be using to craft your killer SEO strategy
  • Insider secrets for boosting your SEO beyond slaving over keywords non-stop.

Lessons include...

  • The #1 strategy you MUST implement to cut your SEO research time in half (seriously)
  • The two best tools I personally use to brainstorm high-quality keywords quickly + efficiently
  • Editable spreadsheet to keep track of your keyword "buckets"

Lessons include:

  • What factors you actually need to look at in your analytics (+ which ones to ignore!) 
  • The no-B.S. way to rank + prioritize your keywords in terms of overall effectiveness in your strategy 
  • My favorite hack for generating PROFITABLE long-tail keywords quickly + effectively 


Lessons include:

  • Where to implement your updated SEO first (+ the areas you probably haven't even considered!) 
  • How to ensure the SEO you implement is optimized for Etsy, Pinterest, AND Google. 
  • Your detailed SEO low-maintenance plan for long-term success 


All written in easy-to-understand English. 

(you're welcome.)  

But wait...did someone mention bonuses???

You know it!

When you enroll in Simplify Your SEO, you'll also snag these sweet little freebies:


Trending keywords bonus training

Ever wondered how some shop's just seem to "know" what's going to sell? 

Believe it or not, there's actually a TOOL that can help you predict the trends that are going to take off and leave your shop swimming in revenue. 

In this training, I'll take you behind the scenes to show you EXACTLY how to use my favorite keyword trend tool to boost your traffic like CRAZY. 

($97 value) 


14-day FREE trial of Marmalead Pro

Ever wondered how some shop's just seem to "know" what's going to sell? 

Believe it or not, there's actually a TOOL that can help you predict the trends that are going to take off and leave your shop swimming in revenue. 

In this training, I'll take you behind the scenes to show you EXACTLY how to use my favorite keyword trend tool to boost your traffic like CRAZY. 

($19 value) 

Ready to tap into that "secret" network of 50,000,000+ buyers already shopping on Etsy?

#heckyes you are!

PAY IN FULL 1 payment of $197

PAYMENT PLAN 2 payments of $99

"It wasn't long before the shop started having one sale a day and increasing from there. Morgan's suggestions were specific, clear, and easy to follow. If I did have a question or need clarification, Morgan was quick to explain things further and constantly welcomed more questions so that I was never "stuck".  

I honestly can't thank her enough for the boost she's given me and the immediate effect that her strategies provided for my shop! I would recommend Morgan to anyone who needs even just a little help boosting their sales!

- Brianna Putnum

I have learned a ton and continue so much from Morgan. She invests so much in helping her students succeed and has so much material in the course you won’t find anywhere else. The course easily pays for itself as you start to see results."

--Emily Skinner

Okay, but who is this self-proclaimed SEO guru?

Fair enough ;)  

I'm Morgan Nield I’ve worked with (literally) THOUSANDS of Etsy sellers on creating wildly profitable shop’s that no only fulfill them creatively, but also pay the bills (+ then some!).  

(I've also built up a multi six-figure Etsy shop, but that's another story for another day ;)  

One thing I've noticed over the years working with Etsy sellers?  

A killer SEO strategy is KEY to setting your shop up for long-term success. 

Everything you do beyond that builds off of that foundation-- so you've GOT to nail it.  

Good news-- I can help with that!

Give me just 14 days and I'll be the one personally cheering you on as you cross off "work on SEO" from your to-do list...for good!  

Questions about Simplify Your SEO? 

I figured you might ;) Take a look to see if I've answered yours below!

Q: How long will I have access to the Simplify Your SEO program?  

You'll only need 14 days (seriously!) to get through all the content in this program and implement it...but you'll get an incredibly 12 MONTHS access to the content so you can brush up your SEO game down the road.  

Q: Will this course solve all my problems, allow me to quit my day-job in two weeks, and earn me millions by this time next year?  

Um, no. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you *probably* (read: definitely) aren’t a good fit for this program.  

I’m not going to promise you some “secret sauce” trick or hand you a magic button that immediately earns you sales with little to no work involved.  

Instead, I’m going to arm you with daily assignments, strategy, and a take-action plan that will get your SEO whipped into shape and crossed off your to-do list.  

No flashy sales gimmicks here ;)  

Q: Can you please just do my SEO for me?  

I know, I know-- it’s tempting to want to just hire this out. But here’s the thing: I firmly believe that knowledge is power. SO much power.  

And if YOU don’t have a clue what’s working/not working in your Etsy shop, you’re never going to feel in control of your success.  

Q: I’ve heard this theory from my cousin who knows a girl who used to date the uncle of a guy who worked at Etsy and HE said "..."  

Yeah, no. No time for conspiracy/rumors/hearsay here, my friend. You’re playing the “what if” game and to be honest? It’s holding you back in a MAJOR way. 

That ends now :)  

Q: What happens when I work on my SEO, get everything polished and ready to go and then Etsy rolls out new tests/changes to the algorithm?  

While we can’t determine if/when Etsy will make changes to the algorithm, we CAN ensure that the SEO best practices you follow inside this course are lined up with Google + Pinterest best practices as well-- meaning them are, essentially, timeless in nature.  

Good, solid SEO will ALWAYS do okay on Etsy-- it’s when you try to cater to every temporary test they roll out that we run into problems.  

Q: Will you be providing updates to this course? 

If/When Etsy rolls out new CONFIRMED updates to their algorithm that have proven to be active, there will be a special “SEO Updates” section at the beginning of the program that will address those changes. Rest assured, you’ll always get access to the latest and greatest SEO updates.  

Note that we do NOT keep up-to-date with all the tests Etsy is running. You should NOT be catering your SEO to align with those tests, as they are just that-- “tests”-- and have no real holding in the long term and could be turned off at any moment.  

Q: So your Etsy shop isn’t active right now…and you’re going to teach me how to do SEO? Yeah, right...  

You’re right! LittleHighbury is on vacation mode right now as I build the MorganNield.com brand. 

With that in mind, I am working with a group of “beta testers” that DO have current Etsy shops. Every strategy that I share inside this program has been implemented and found to be effective.  

Bottom line? 

You've got 2 choices here...

You can keep over-analyzing the heck out of your SEO on your own, waste HOURS researching mediocre strategies, and second-guess every single keyword decision you make (you know I'm right)...  

— OR —  

You could join Simplify Your SEO, get access to a KILLER step-by-step system, AND finish your shop's entire SEO strategy in just 14 days? (#winnerwinnerchickendinner)

I guess the real question is:  

Do you REALLY want to still be researching keywords 6 months from now?  

(Yeah, I didn't think so ;)  

Still have a question? Hit me up at hello@morgannield.com and I'll be the one personally replying to you email :) xo, Morgan

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